New Caledonian Geckos

Welcome to New Caledonian Geckos

Our site is dedicated to the keeping and breeding of the Rhacodactylus species. We have specialised in the care and breeding of this genus of New Caledonian gecko for a number of years and have a wide range of species with differing morphology in our collection.

As private hobbyists, our approach and commitment is always to our animals first and foremost.

All of our Rhacodactylus are raised in the best possible conditions, receiving the optimal amount of individual care. The health of our animals is always first and foremost in our minds and never compromised for financial gain.

All the available animals on this site are bred by us and are not purchased from inferior sources and then simply sold-on at a profit. Our now Rhacodactylus breeding stock are from only the best US & European bloodlines available, with our local specific animals only from the most impeccable sources.

Any breeding stock brought in to further advance the quality of our lines is only done when the highest quality animals become available.